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in terms of the economy and what they would do because i think there's two different roads on the tax bill. and they turned the foreign policy debate time and time again back to the debate. foreign policy was much more sort of mood music, who do you trust. and the first debate, the reason i think that might have been so damaging to the president is that it was about largely, about the economy, and he didn't seem to be fighting enough and, you know, he says to mitt romney, the math doesn't add up, romney says that's not true, my math adds up, and he was fighting and i think that makes a big difference to people. gwen: briefly, i just want to end up by talking about this issue because it seems to have boiled down this week to status quo versus change. four years ago broke -- barack obama was the change guy. how does that boil down in the next two weeks? molly? >> they just keep having the argument. gwen: really? oh, good. oh, joy. >> anything new at this stage? that's dangerous. >> i think you see romney focusing more on the personal and likability. he passed the debate test. he proved himse
of these spending cuts an tax increases that would otherwise happen at the end of the year? if it's mitt romney who gets elected, i think -- you know, he doesn't have that kind of plan on the shelf. we all know how big his economic plan has been in this campaign. i think there will be -- he will ask for and probably get agreement to as they say kick the can down the road. >> assuming the house stays where it is. >> they talked about delaying things for a year to give him time to put down his plan. >> to me the question is if we have an obama victory does senator mitch mcconnell come out chases saying look, it's time to cut the deal? and also what does paul ryan think. he will be the darling of the republicans. gwen: do we think that the well of the executive branch can be unpoisoned? >> i think so. i'm reasonably optimistic about the prospects that -- once we put the campaign 3w450eu7bd us, something's going to happen. it will be easier if obama is re-elected. boehner returns as speaker and harry reid returns as the senate leader because they've been in this before. i think president obama would ca
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12 (some duplicates have been removed)